It's a good idea for family evenings. Sounds like a good way to strengthen family ties and a very heartwarming one at that. I will definitely try this in the future.

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My middle son was a non-reader. BUT in grade five he fell in love with Katherine Paterson's "Bridge to Terebithia"--an enduring story indeed! And then in grade seven I handed him a copy of Sherman Alexie's AMAZING "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian."

At one point, mid-read, he said, wide-eyed. "Mom! You gave me a book about MASTURBATION!"

I said, "Yeah...you do that, don't you?" It was a funny moment. We moved on. But those two books, along with a library-discard collection of baseball poetry, haven't made him "a reader"..but have given him respect for the power possible between covers.

Those books had to be read alone, a personal experience. (We could have hared Paterson's, true!)

But I'm a big fan of reading aloud, and love our Book Club idea. Taking this to the adult path, and recently I read "The End of Your Life Book Club," about a grown son reading with his Momma--a beautiful book.

Thank you for this post!!

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Yes, this!

A terrific book on the topic is "The Enchanted Hour" by Meghan Cox Gurdon.

I have loved reading to my kids as they grew older. Although we have adjusted our approach over the years. My youngest really liked reading to me instead; we got through the entire "Warriors" series that way.

Before my oldest graduated and moved away, she and I took turns reading The Lord of the Rings to each other several years ago. It was a busy time with me taking classes in the evenings, and I was often home late. So when I was cooking an early dinner, she'd pull up a chair and read aloud to me.

My middle child enjoys audio books, and I think that counts too. Sometimes, we sit in the living room with our various projects (my boys drawing, me cross-stitching) and listen to an audiobook on Libby, the library app.

It's such a joy to experience stories together with a child.

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A few years ago, my two girls, my mom, and I all read the book Beyond the Bright Sea and loved it!! We kept recommending it to each other until we all had read it, and it was so great. Highly recommend!

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I always worry that this will happen too! My almost fourth grader loves graphic novels but doesn't like to read books as much. Some parents and I organized a book club for them last year. Hoping to do the same this year!

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Hey at 11 in 2023: The fact that he’s reading at all is fantastic

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I have made a point to read with all my children, and grands. We pick a book we both think we'd like, read it at our own pace and then share our thoughts with each other. It's fun and keeps us connected. Also "Dates" at the book store help continue the fun.

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