I am so excited for you and for May 2nd to arrive! Gotta admit I am torn 50/50 between hardbacks and paperbacks, as I tend to keep the hardbacks for my own library, and allow the paperbacks to circulate between friends! I also will admit that I'd love a copy of On Gin Lane in paperback to use and pose on my IG and FB. I think it is much more demanding and time-consuming for an author to promote these days versus 10 years ago (at the most). Kudos to you for all you've accomplished ahead of May 2nd to self-promote!


Lastly, I resource several venues to help me read my next book. Firstly, I follow the authors I love and see what they are reading. Second, I ask my friends what they are reading, and then thirdly, I look up like 5 best seller lists! I tend not to watch a lot of tv or listen to a lot of podcasts, but love NPR and local bookstore recommendations too! Hope your May 2 party is a blast! All the best!

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I LOVE a paperback book so this post excites me! It's so interesting to see your behind the scenes process. I'd love to hear what you'd want to chat with people about at a book signing. I'm not great at small talk so I find it awkward to approach authors when our local bookstore hosts events. As far as where I find new books to read-- it's a mix of everything you mentioned. I have a few friends whose reviews I really trust so if they post about a book I'll add it to my list to check out.

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